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What Our Customers an d Partners Say About Us

Oy M.Rauanheimo Ab

“We have a long cooperation with Ekami in harbour crane training. The training has been of very high quality and professional, the facilities and training equipment meet the requirements.

Schedules and training programs have been handled by us according to our needs and the service has been flexible. The feedback from the participants has always been very positive. ”

Pasi Salmela, Senior Advisor, Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab

Mevea Oy

“The collaboration between Mevea and Ekami began in 2005, when Ekami became our first customer. Since then, the collaboration has developed into a valuable feedback loop that has been a great help in our development work to create products that better meet the needs of the port industry.

The feedback we have received from Ekami has given us an exceptional view from a pedagogical point of view, as well as enabled the development of more diverse educational products.

Ekami is a long-term partner in Mevea’s product development and we are pleased to continue our joint efforts to develop high quality harbour training simulators. “

Raimo Nikkilä, Director, Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Oy Mecarlos Ab

“Oy Mecarlos Ab is a conglomerate operating in Kokkola. One of the key sectors of our operations is the provision of harbour crane services in The Kokkola Deep Port. We have been operating in the field since 2000. Our operations are based on quality, flexibility and safety. Efficiency without compromising safety plays a key role in crane work in the port.

The professional skills and qualifications of crane drivers are important to us. EKAMI and Ekami Consulting have been our partners in their training since the beginning. In the initial phase of the training, our candidate drivers complete a short training session at Ekami that includes simulator training.

We have found the simulator training very useful and we were a project partner when Ekami introduced new state-of-the-art simulators a few years ago. ”

Tony Läspä, President and CEO of Oy Mecarlos Ab