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Simulator Centre

The simulator Centre of the Kotka Maritime Centre consists of simulators in seafaring, harbour industry and logistics. The marine simulators are mainly supplied by Wärtsilä / Transas and fall into three different categories: navigation, radio and engine room. A unique oil collector simulator has been developed for the specific oil spill response training needs. The oil collector simulator and the current and versatile crane simulators for the harbour industry are supplied by Mevea Ltd.

Simulator trainings can be organized during daytime and evenings as well as on weekends.

Navigational simulator

The navigational simulator uses the new Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 5.40 software version. The simulator consists of eight navigation workstations, three navigation command bridges, and two navigation controller workstations that control and monitor access to operations.

The range of vessels is wide and covers different types of vessels from a small work boat to a large tanker. The training areas cover all of Finland’s piloted coastal and inland waterways, as well as the use of changing places around the world, such as Gibraltar, Denmark and the Dover Strait.

The simulator uses for example four different manufacturer’s radar equipment (Bridge Master E, Furuno, Nucleus and Navi-Radar 4000), electronic nautical chart and safety information systems (Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS) and GMDSS-Radio equipment.

The equipment makes it possible to train and practice for example the use of navigation equipment, radar/ARPA and ECDIS, bridge watchkeeping procedures, various search and rescue and oil spill scenarios as well as different pilotage-related tasks and resource management.

Engine room simulator

The engine room simulator consists of eight engine room workstations and one machine room pilot workstation that controls and monitors their operation. These make it possible to practice, for example, the use of control, automation and alarm and safety systems in engine room equipment, the interpretation of system and flow diagrams, the maintenance and operation of machine guards, the management of resources, energy, fuel consumption and emissions, and various emergency tasks.

Our fleet currently covers four different types of main engines: Azipod Diesel-Electric Cruise Ship (2 x ABB Azipod 17.6 MW), Product Tanker (MAN B&W 6S50MC-C), Ro-Pax Ferry (2 x MAN B&W 8L32 / 40) and Royal Princess (2 x VEM DTMSZ 3466-16YS). The newest engine room is an extremely precisely modeled m/s Royal Princess diesel-electric engine room, which, in addition to propulsion and electrical systems, includes a really accurate model of the big cruiser’s hotel technology.

Radio simulator

The radio simulator has eight radio workstations and one radio controller workstation that controls and monitors their operation. The range of radio equipment is diverse and covers the requirements of all GMDSS sea areas (A1-A4). For example, VHF DSC, MF / HF DSC and Radiotelex, Inmarsat C, mini-C and Fleet77, Navtex, EPIRB, SART, portable VHF, GPS, AIS and emergency panel are used.

These make it possible to train and practice the use of GMDSS radio equipment, radio communication and complete GOC and ROC degrees, among other things. The radio simulator uses the new GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000 8.5 software version.

Oil collecting simulator

The oil collecting simulator models a Lamor excavator-adapted brush collector designed to collect oil. The collector’s operating environment is either a quay or a barge. The user receives a report on the effectiveness of the collection work at the end of the exercise.

The simulator is used with navigation command bridges as part of an oil spill response training package. The oil collector complements oil spill response training by bringing waste logistics into the response operation.

Harbour crane simulator

Working with a harbour crane can be practiced safely, cost-effectively and in a variety of ways with modern equipment in realistic simulated environments. We have rail mounted harbour cranes, hydraulic mobile harbour cranes, mobile harbour cranes (MHC), rubber tyred gantry (RTG) and ship’s cranes. 

We are Finland’s largest provider of statutory qualification training for harbour crane drivers. Our partners are e.g. Mantsinen Group and simulator supplier Mevea Ltd.

Logistics simulator

With the logistics simulators one is able to practise with driving licence type B vehicles, heavy machinery, wheel loader and excavator driving as well as operating a loading crane.